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With a large storage capacity,

Opt for an HDD VPS

  • 2 minutes delivery or less
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Up to 7 days to change your mind

With a storage capacity up to 2.5x greater and more than 50 years of existence, the efficiency of the HDD is well established. It will be ideal for storing data such as documents, films, photos, etc...

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Our offers:

Hosting optimized for storage, your data is secured on disks combining storage capacity and performance.

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Offer VCPU Memory Storage Connection Price
FR-STOR-1 1 vCPUXeon E5 3.30Ghz 2 Go DDR4Dedicated Memory 250 Go HDDDedicated Space 150MbpsUnlimited



FR-STOR-2 2 vCPUXeon E5 3.30Ghz 4 Go DDR4Dedicated Memory 500 Go HDDDedicated Space 150MbpsUnlimited



FR-STOR-3 3 vCPUXeon E5 3.30Ghz 8 Go DDR4Dedicated Memory 1 To HDDDedicated Space 150MbpsUnlimited



FR-STOR-4 4 vCPUXeon E5 3.30Ghz 16 Go DDR4Dedicated Memory 2 To HDDDedicated Space 200MbpsUnlimited



Included with your server:

(Ré-)Installation facile

Grâce à notre interface simple d'utilisation, vous changez de systèmes d'exploitations en un instant parmis un large nombre de choix disponibles.

Unlimited traffic & Anti-DDoS

Our infrastructure has an AntiDDOS solution that protects your services from attacks 24/7.

Automated backups

Thanks to WDH backups, your Linux and Windows servers are backed up daily over 7 rolling days.