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MultiPlayers Gaming

Whether you are looking to connect with your close friends, or with the whole world, our game server solutions are undoubtedly what you need!

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Game servers and Discord bots

Numéro 1 de l'hébergement de Serveurs de jeux en Guadeloupe et en Martinique.

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Bot Discord

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Serveur FiveM

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Serveur Garry's Mod

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Encore plus de jeux dans un nuage

Créer et décréer à volonté, sans limitation plusieurs instances sur plus de jeux de vos choix. Learn more

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All your games are in your resource cloud

Discover our Pterodactyl VPS offers

A major advantage for your multiple game server needs, your multi-gaming communities, and beyond. You control the resources you wish to distribute, or you share them between each of your game instances, at your convenience.

  • Backups included
  • Databases included
  • Dedicated IP address(es)
  • Unlimited servers
  • Dedicated ressources
  • Live statistics
  • Protection Anti-DDoS 24/7
  • 99.99% Uptime
Serveur de jeux

Hosted in good conditions

We know that hosting a game is not enough, to guarantee you an optimal gaming experience, we have made sure to be able to guarantee specific criteria.

Anti-DDoS Protection

With protection of more than 7Tbps, which is also optimized for games, let anyone play with the DDoS button with complete peace of mind.

Support réactif

On Discord or from your customer area, our teams quickly handle all of your requests.

Déploiement rapide

Make sure you can accommodate as many players as you want, without fear of exceeding the bandwidth limit.

Solution d'évolutivité

Ready for growth ? From your customer area, you can change your offer at any time to meet your development needs.

Sauvegardes & Restaurations

Crucial against data loss, human errors, and many other cases, they are an essential contribution to your game servers.

Bande passante élevée

Make sure you can accommodate as many players as you want, without fear of exceeding the bandwidth limit.

Management panel


Pterodactyl is an open-source panel for managing game servers, similar to how Virtual Machines virtualizes the hardware of a dedicated server, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and user interface. intuitive.

pterodactyl panel